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Reciprocating Pumps

Reciprocating pump is designed for applications that demand flow of small amount of water at high pressures. This positive displacement pump collects a certain volume of liquid in enclosed volume and discharge it making use of pressure to the required application. Strainer, cylinder, suction pipe, suction valve, delivery pipe, delivery valve, piston and piston rod, air vessel, crank and connecting rod are the main components of this kind of pump. Single piston reciprocating pump, high pressure reciprocating pump and triplex reciprocating pump offered by Wasp Pumps Private Limited converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

It does this work by sucking liquid into a cylinder containing a reciprocating piston which exerts a thrust force on the liquid and increases its hydraulic energy ( pressure energy of liquid). It is a type of positive displacement pump which consists of piston or plunger. Piston is present in a cylinder in which it does reciprocating motion. It is used at a place where relatively small amount of water is to be delivered at higher pressure.